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Building code with parking

Sadhaad Hakeem Sadhaad Hakeem  •  2024-04-05  •    1 comment  • 

In today's urban landscape, the allocation of designated parking spaces for every household or business within a building is becoming increasingly vital. As cities grow denser and transportation options evolve, ensuring convenient and secure parking facilities has emerged as a critical consideration in architectural design and urban planning. In addition to designated parking spaces, the integration of pedestrian-friendly features such as walking paths and sidewalks, commonly referred to as walking sheets, further enhances the accessibility and functionality of urban spaces. 

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  • Ismail Rafeeq

    Very good point. General expectation of roads becoming overnight parking space need to be changed. As you mentioned, vehicle parking space need to provided within the residential/business compound. This will be incorporated in the building code with public consultation, and also managed through parking regulations.

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